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Here you can see some of the benefits of our portal

Intuitive interface

Portal designed to provide more relevant information for each user easily and intuitively.


You can view your exams on any device - smartphone, tablet or computer.


Promote the relationship between your clinic, doctors, referring physicians and patients.


Optimize your call structure, reducing the return flow of the patient in the search of their exams.


Loyalty of patients and referring physicians.

Centralization and distribution of accesses

Use of specific tools and features for each actor and stage of the imaging process.

A solution provided by Identisoft

A single portal based on the new technology Software as a Service (SaaS) model that optimizes workflow and manages the entire diagnostic imaging cycle of the clinic.

  • Optimize the management of the imaging flow
  • Access always available from any device
  • Optimization of patient flow
  • User friendly
  • Refreshing design
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A faster and direct service, where and when you need.

The hCare portal allows you to access, develop and validate diagnostics comfortably in the distance, providing faster and effective service to your patients.

In the clinic or from home, you can track and access to digitally exams with high quality tools, allowing you to optimize the response time through a direct and efficient analysis. Exams are available on any device - smartphone, tablet or computer and the access is simplified in a single and innovative solution.

Rich and simple to use

This is where the system truly excels; the software is developed to be intuitive and simple to use, fundamentally this impacts on users requiring much less training; reducing implementation costs is important to us because it is important to you!

A secure, flexible, and scalable medical portal to keep you constantly growing.

Data is your most important asset; we'll keep it safe. Our SLAs and uptime guarantees help keep your business online, while features like IP restrictions and audit logs let you keep tabs on who is accessing what information.

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More benefits

Here you can see more benefits of hCare

Workflow Automation

Work smarter, not harder. Keep your portal up to date so you can spend less time managing your schedule and more time seing what really mathers.

Flexible customization

Because every business is unique, you need a portal that works the way you do.

Flexible & Fit

Choose what will help your clinic workflow, who’ll use it and how much you want to spend – that’s exactly what hCare offers you.


The future is always near and we’re always ready for it. Forget about upgrades or technology shifts. Instead, focus on what you do best, while hCare is always running up-to-date.


hCare support multiple languages, such as English, Portuguese, Spanish and many others

Performance and security

hCare follows this specifications: data stored redundantly, multiple on-and off-site backups, redundant electrical power grids, battery backups, generators and others.

Professional support

Online user guide for the users and 24/7 monitoring with top-notch team on call

Structure that makes sense

hCare uses a hierarchal structure for pages, like a family tree or a file system. There is no limit to the depth in which this structure can be defined. It is comfortable scaling to large and complex data needs, and remains simple regardless of scale.

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